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About us

It all started when we were invited to spend a day in the kitchen of a local restaurant, watching and helping the chef and his team prepare for the dinner service. What an amazing experience to go behind the scenes and witness firsthand how each dish was created.


We loved the learning, the sharing, and the connection we felt in that moment. We thought that if we could experience this in the kitchen of a restaurant, we could experience the same joy in many different settings with special people just doing what they do best. The possibilities for experiences are endless and our idea was born.

The experiences we propose on this site are all about discovering something new and interacting with people in a personal and meaningful way. Whether it's making honey with a beekeeper, assisting on set during the shooting of a feature film, spending time with a museum curator, herding cattle on a ranch, or sitting in on a recording session with a band, each experience is unique, and for your private group only or as a social experience where you share the moment with other afficionados, and will give you a new way to connect with others.


The Team

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E. Draghi
Startups and technology have always been my passion. This website is where one can find extraordinary people offering extraordinary experiences. Quality of service, respect, and sincerity are our natural values. Check our portfolio, enjoy some of our experiences and have a great time discovering new things to do.


I worked in the media press and radio and I managed teams of local sales and marketing people throughout France. Epicurean, I jumped at the opportunity to start 1000passions activity in France and help in the U.S. too. This form of interaction between passionate people and the organization of these experiences is an innovative and exciting concept that brings me to my human values. I live in the U.S. but I am your contact for all our experiences in France.


You'll get to know me if you join one of our bi-monthly lunches at 1000 Passions. Responsible for all things legal, I enjoy the challenge of structuring, building, and growing a new business.


Cristina was born in Sardegna and always passionate about the traditions. After law school and working for years for legal firms around Italy, Cristina decided to live her passion through local association and to contaminate the traditional ways of cooking in Sardegna with other traditions she collected and witnessed during her trips around the world. Cristina is your direct contact for any question in Sardegna, which she knows by heart.


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Meet Us

If you want to get to know us better, we are happy to host our own "behind the scenes experience" at 1000 Passions. We are available on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Drop us an email, and lunch is on us at one of our favorite local restaurants.


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